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    Homeowners brace as RBA raises cash rate to 3.85%

    The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) has increased the official cash rate for the 11th time in the past year, taking it to 3.85%. Have we finally reached the peak of this cycle? And how much will this latest rate hike increase your monthly repayments? In what will undoubtedly be tough news for many households…
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    Hold your horses: RBA hikes cash rate again to 2.85%

    Whoa, Nelly! The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) has lifted the official cash rate again, this time by another 25 basis points to 2.85%. How much will this rate rise increase your monthly mortgage repayments, and when are the hikes expected to stop? Dubbed the “rate that stops the nation”, today’s Melbourne Cup RBA board…
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    How long does it take for an interest rate rise to kick in?

    Household budgets around the country are feeling the brunt of five back-to-back rate hikes. And we’ve been warned more are on the way. But just how long does it take for each rate rise to impact your monthly mortgage repayments? As you’re probably aware, in early September the RBA raised the cash rate to 2.35%.…
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    How to save a first home deposit in just over a year

    It’s taking young couples roughly five years on average to save for a 20% home loan deposit, according to new research. Want to hear something crazy, though? We know how to quarter that timeframe… Real talk: it’s never been tougher to save up a deposit for your first home. In Sydney the average timeframe is…
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