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    16 ways the government should tackle housing affordability: report

    Think property prices have gone a little bonkers? You’re not the only one. Which is why a report with 16 recommendations to tackle housing affordability has just been plonked on pollies’ desks in Canberra. Today we’ll run through them for you (succinctly, we promise). You might have noticed that property prices have skyrocketed over the…
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    Flood victims can defer loan repayments for up to 3 months

    Home and business owners impacted by the floods in New South Wales and Queensland can apply to their lender for a three-month loan deferral or reduced payment arrangement. Here’s how to apply if you or someone you know has been impacted. Another year, another disaster. In 2019 it was the bushfires. In 2020 it was…
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    Flexibility emerges as a key priority for small business loans

    What’s most important to you when selecting a lender to provide finance for your small business right now? Well, Australian small business owners have put ‘flexibility’ when it comes to loan repayments right up there on their priority list. And that should come as no surprise given the disruptive nature of the economy that most…
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    Why are houses becoming so much more expensive to build?

    Construction costs just rose at the fastest annual pace since 2005. So why is it getting so expensive to build your own home? Today we’ll look at the materials that are becoming more expensive and why all homeowners should take note – not just renovators and builders. “Your grandpa built this place with his own…
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